Mobile Lab


Mobile Lab:

Our Mobile Lab offers clients the ability to bring the lab directly to the point of need. Our lab can accommodate from 1 to 4 stations of hands-on training with Innoved Institute taking care of all the logistics and tissue needs. The lab can be driven to any location in the country (and Canada) and offers maximum flexibility for the greatest impact!

Mobile lab - Our custom trailer can be configured to fit your needs, from a one station private meeting, to larger courses with multiple stations.

Preview Layouts

1 Station Lab Layout
2 Station Lab Layout
4 Station Lab Layout

  • Labs can run 7 days a week; morning, afternoon, evening
  • Hand instruments and equipment available upon request
  • C-Arm with Tech and radiation protection available upon request
  • Arthroscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, and ultrasound stations available upon request
  • Covered outside area with tables and chairs
  • Catering services available upon request
  • On-site restroom and shower
  • Up to four stations for cadaver, sawbones, or other types of lab based work
  • Open to all surgical specialties
  • Turn-key human tissue procurement, preparation, and disposal
  • Surgical technicians and imaging equipment technicians available to assist
  • Office area with printing capabilities

For more information about Mobile Lab services please download our informational flyer:

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