What We Do:

Innoved Institute designs, develops, and implements comprehensive continuing medical education services worldwide. Consider us your standalone agency that represents you and only you. As an extension of your team, you can be sure that your needs and educational outcomes truly are our first concern.

How We Do It:

Educational Interventions 

  • Perform a general needs assessment to identify a gap
  • Establish target audience and perform a more detailed needs assessment
  • Determine objectives and goals of curriculum for your audience
  • Determine medical strategies to be used with curriculum
  • Implement the medical curriculum
  • Evaluate the medical curriculum


For your certified education or your training activities we can handle all aspects of the event or simply supplement your in-house team.

  • Equipment rental
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Risk management oversight
  • Customized human tissue acquisition and disposition
  • Qualified support staffing
  • Travel, hotel, catering

Why We Are Different:

We are a standalone entity that does not compete and is not contractually obligated to any entity. This is not only paramount for maintaining confidentiality, this means that your professional results truly are our first concern. Our experience with all aspects of medical education enables us to be the best in the business at:

  • Understanding all aspects of the medical education business. We know what are the right questions to ask. It is our business to make your business better.
  • Helping you create and establish a high-quality medical education strategy.
  • Risk management, which depends on the experience, and the bigger picture view. It is our advantage; make it your advantage.

Whether it is a turnkey event that you want, or just support with some of the details. Our team can handle it… large or small.

Please call us today at 623.748.3311 or email us at to learn more!